Live in  the Hallways  of EMCS, from the “After All These Years” CD Release Party on July 8th 2017.

Live in the Hallways of EMCS, from the “After All These Years” CD Release Party on July 8th 2017.

Taylor Caspersen is a young singer/songwriter born and raised in Sooke, BC. He is locally known for his fiery passion for performing and writing music. His passion for music started with drums and percussion at the age of 4, and quickly it morphed into a full-on musical addiction to many other instruments: starting with the guitar at age 10, then piano, organ, banjo, bass, ukulele, harmonica, mandolin, and more. His influences vary from artists like Jethro Tull and the Electric Light Orchestra for creative ingenuity, guitarists like Eric Clapton and Joe Walsh for their style, songwriters like Bob Dylan and George Harrison for their ever-lasting melodies, and frontmen like Jim Morrison and Tom Petty who captivate audiences with such intense raw energy.

The first guitar he played was purchased from a friend at a local swap and shop for ten dollars, and on that old beat-up guitar taught himself to play. From this point onward, he could be seen performing at local coffee shop open mics, school talent shows, and was so musically driven that he kept an acoustic guitar in his high school locker at all times. He is also the friendly host of the Kemp Lake Music Cafe’s Sunday open mic and jam, having hosted it bi-weekly for almost 4 years.

He has worked in local theatre since he was a teen, acting in productions like the Andrew Lloyd Webber classic “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”, and the operatic Gilbert and Sullivan epic “Pirates of Penzance”, and also acting in a locally written production called “Afterlife” by playwright Thom Southwood. Taylor also was co-musical director, performer and pianist/keyboardist for the first edition of "Cabaret Sooke", in April 2015. He played in several local cover bands in the Victoria area but ultimately decided to focus his energy on new and original content, produced right in his own home. In Winter 2018, Caspersen co-wrote original music alongside Southwood for a local comedy production of Snow White, and produced an 8 song album of songs from the show.

Taylor has been engineering and recording since starting his journey with songwriting around age 13. Slowly but surely, he started learning the skill sets needed to be a productive producer and engineer, and in that time, recorded many covers he posted online. He started multi-tracking and layering, and this eventually spawned the idea of him playing all the instruments on his studio tracks.

Taylor has written hundreds of musical compositions and has two full studio albums under his belt. The first album, After All These Years, was a 5 year project, re-recording and mixing over and over again. This first album explores lo-fi recording techniques and really focused on his songwriting. His second studio venture, Situation Room, was recorded in 6 months, and his sound began to take form. His unreleased third album, which is a full 20-song self -titled double album, and recording is complete and will be available soon.

Aside from his own recording, Taylor also produces local artists and records at his studio. Whether just recording some simple demos for his friends, or working on full scale albums with professional musicians (and friends too hehe.), Taylor is always committed to keeping the soul of the song intact. In doing so vows that pitch correction is never used on any of his studio’s recordings, as he seeks a more natural, analog sound than most of today’s music achieves.

Situation Room and After All These Years are both available NOW at as well as on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Microsoft Groove, Pandora and MORE!

Record Label: Caspersen Entertainment

Official Photographer: Cindy Caspersen @ RedFox Photography