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Selling Music is Dead.. Here's Why Mine's Free

In the age of subscription based music platforms and monetized free music websites, the format we have come to know as the album is no longer what it used to be. But perhaps instead of looking at this era as the “death of the album” or fighting against an endless battle, let’s look at this as an opportunity to share music freely and openly with eachother. Starting today, you can get my second album “Situation Roomcompletely free… and come time for the release of album #3, it will also be free for downloading and so will every album after that.

You might be saying right now “there must be a catch!”, but I can assure you this is 100% catch-free. In the past, many people have told me “I don’t want it for free, I want you to have something in return.” and while it’s appreciated (but unnecessary), I can offer a few simple ways to pay it forward if you wish to do so: #1 Subscribe to my YouTube channel for weekly content. #2 Share this page of free music with your friends or people who you think may enjoy it. #3 Follow my Facebook and Instagram pages. #4 You can also send a buck or two my way to support the creation and further growth of my music and videomaking through PayPal.me/TaylorCaspersen

…and the best part? All these songs are still available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and more so you can still get this music while using those services, as well being available for purchase on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and many more… But why buy it when you could get it all for free?!

Thank you, and please enjoy, TC :)

Videos, Videos, Videos!!!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post for the website, so here I am! Thought it was time to bring everyone up to date on my happenings. Here it goes, let’s jump in!

  1. My YouTube Channel
    I am so happy to start creating videos on a regular basis again, if you haven’t subscribed already, check out my channel here. I remember making videos for the first time when I was around 12 years old, and I am reminded of that sheer excitement of posting content when uploading every video, even to this day. I have uploads coming out every Saturday and Wednesday, and a new music video at least once a month (sometimes more!) with content ranging from music videos, to cover songs, to gear reviews, and especially musician oriented videos. It’s takes me 5 days a week to get these videos together, which is great because it allows me to put that time into building my audience and releasing more music as well. So far I’ve done a bunch of originals songs, a couple covers, and many episodes of Live from Anywhere. Saturday videos are the feature video of the week, showcasing a new studio track or something else special that is music related like gear reviews and unboxings, studio showcase, guitar tours, etc. Much more to come for Saturdays. Whereas Wednesday’s is Live from Anywhere day. LFA is my version of a weekly live performance, showing up in a random location, singing songs from literally anywhere, using high quality portable studio recording gear and filming the whole thing. We’ve done videos in a park, beside a waterfall, in the forest, and even in the backseat of our Tahoe. So, subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t already because there’s going to be more and more videos going live every week!

  2. Free Music - Available Now
    You may see a new tab on this website, titled “Free Music”, and you might be thinking, why would you give your music away when you could sell it? Well, let’s be honest. With the music industry in it’s current state with streaming platforms being the norm for most people, selling music is just no longer a practical way to make steady revenue as a musician. There’s a really great YouTuber, Damian Keyes, that explains this really well in his video “Stop Selling Music” and I’d encourage you to watch his video if you’re interested in this subject as he brings a lot of great points to the forefront that I simply won’t scratch the surface of. In summary, us musicians are giving our audiences two impossible options. We say “buy my album!” but then at the same time we also say “stream it for free!”, and this is where us indie musicians lose listeners en mass. If you had someone selling expensive, designer watches at top dollar at a shop, and that same salesperson also gives away expensive, designer watches to anyone who simply asks for one, do you think anyone would still buy a watch from him? The answer is no. Us musicians can do better than this. Many other frustrated musicians like to say “well, I’ll just take my music off Spotify and Apple Music and force them to buy it,” but I really don’t see that as being a viable option at this point, as it’d be like removing yourself from the playing field almost entirely. You’ll see a bit of a write-up on the free music page about this, but instead of paying money for the album, there are many other things you can do to support my music, like sharing my videos, sending the free album links to your friends, and following my social media profiles. So, if you’ve wanted my second album “Situation Room”, now’s the time - you can get it for free right now by clicking here! and when my first album is finished, you’ll find it there too!

  3. Instagram
    Well, I’ll admit. I’m not one that is great about sharing my everyday moments in life. But I do try! I’ve been uploading more and more to Instagram these days so if you haven’t already, check out my feed @taylorcaspersen for behind the scenes pics and footage of my video/music creation journey. As a teen, I tried to not focus on sharing every moment with the world, as that was what all my peers did. Tweet every thought, Instagram every beautiful moment, Facebook literally anything. I always loved social media, but I didn’t want it to run my life and let it takeover beautiful moments. So whether it was purposeful or not, I trained myself out of posting but rather, just enjoying everyday moments, which I am now un-training by trying to post more and more! I’ve been updating my story and keeping my feed active so if you want to check it out, hit me up on Instagram y’all, and I’ll hopefully see you over there!

  4. Social Media Camp 2019
    Through the magic of small-town community theatre, I met this awesome dude, Paul Holmes, who co-organizes this awesome worldwide social media conference called Social Media Camp with his partner, Chris Burdge. I remember going to volunteer and play music for the first time at SMC 2015. I’ve gone every year (except one) since then and every year I absolutely love connecting with all these smart, funny and nice people that come to SMC every year. Not to mention, all the tips I gather from these brilliant social media experts that come from far and wide to meet and share ideas with everyone at SMC. This year is their tenth anniversary, and they’ve really packed the lineup with some heavy-hitters. I’ll be back again opening for the afternoon keynotes, as well as playing two sets at the 10th anniversary party. (and this year they even gave me a special page on their website!!!) I’m so thrilled to be back for another exciting year, and ecstatic to see everyone again! On a personal, SMC is like this fun social media family full of fantastic people and I’m so glad to be a part of every year’s festivities. These guys are truly awesome and I cherish the experience every year.

So that’s about it for now.. Hopefully I’ll be more motivated to write more blog posts in the coming months on this page, so again stay tuned!


Hard at Work

Hello everyone!

I have been hard at work lately on a number of projects, and I thought I'd write a post telling you what all is happening ~

First off, I'd like to thank everyone that has visited my page or listened to my single, and with endless thanks to all my fans, I received the Mighty Speck Records Single of the Year 2016 award for most song plays and profile visits. Thank you all for the support, I am so grateful for it all. There will be more music releases and performances to come very soon, but more about that later.

As you may or may not know, I've been asked to be the in house producer for Mighty Speck Records, which means I'll be recording with a bunch of really talented artists from the label. Can't tell you much more right now, except that we've got sessions booked and that singles will be available for streaming and purchase soon. Not sure if I'm supposed to tell you this - but I just produced and played drums a session with MSR artist Simon de Laat on a wicked tune of his, stay tuned *hardy har har*.

My other big news is the launch of my first duo since 65-79, a project called Karma Bros. James Kasper and I have been tossing around the idea of starting a duo for some time now. After producing and recording the Mighty Speck Records anthem "Alive" together with James at my studio, we struck up a friendship, and we both quickly realized how well we worked and produced together. From that point we immediately wanted to write some songs together. We had been throwing around band name ideas for weeks, going through name ideas like Kasper/Caspersen or Caspersen & Kasper but those felt too much like an easy way out or maybe too typical/cheesy. We had even considered more abstract names like Blooming Ginger Thomas or the Dew Mist but nothing really stuck a chord with us, so to say. Until one night, we encountered a situation - and I won't go into great detail - but we were both directly disrespected quite seriously, and we felt there was so much bad karma involved with this one situation that it was best to jump ship and watch that ship sink from very far away. That's when it hit me, I just up and said that we should be Karma Bros. Karma is everything around us. Everything we do in life, negative or positive, will come back to us at one time or another, and I think James and I both agree on that simple principle of living life.

So we had a name, we had ideas, we then had to find our sound. Both James and I are well versed in many different genres, liking plenty of genre's together in common but also enjoying a variety of genre's that differ from our common territory. One really big contributor to our sound and our initial ideas came from the Travelling Willburys, the supergroup comprised of the legends George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, and Tom Petty. We shared a love for Willburys Vol 1, and we wanted to write a laid back but fun song for our own repertoire. We booked a night off and decided to write and record this song all in one night. We wrote 2 verses and this repeating break part, and the only part missing was a real hook or chorus and another verse. So we took a break to eat dinner, finished the last verse and started racking around ideas for the chorus. We had been listening earlier in the day to Stewart Copeland's solo tunes under his pseudonym Klark Kent, which was kinda mid-70's punk rock. So we thought with the bluesy/rocky vibe of the song that breaking it up with something of a different taste/flavour might bring this song to the next level. We started racking around short repetitive phrases which finally came to "We gotta go". We recorded the song that night, and recorded the verse vocals live off the floor together to give the verses a little extra personality and vibe. We layered on the punky We gotta goes, and I laid down a three part cascading harmony and the song was nearing completion.

The next morning we awoke and gave our new song a mixing and both of us were ecstatic to let others hear it, and we both started to think about release dates. Jokingly I had suggested releasing it that day and James came back with a good ol' "why not?" So, we did just that, set up an FB page, launched our Mighty Speck Records artist profile, and released our single "We Gotta Go (Devil and the Sweet Tea)" which is available for download now on the Mighty Speck Records bandcamp or you can get it right here on the TC website, check out the store tab for more info.

That being said, Karma Bros have already confirmed a show at Brothers in Abbotsford on April 22nd opening for fellow MSR artists Gas Covered Planet and Herokah. If you're in the area and you want to come see us play (or if you have a friend that you want to share this with that is nearby), check out the event page on FB.

I am still hard at work on my debut solo album After All These Years which I am happy to say is in the final stages as of right now, and it is set for release within the next month. A second single, after Stick it Out (You'll Be Okay), will be released 2 weeks before the albums digital release. Hint hint: Poor Man's Blues maybe?

Lots is happening on this side of town, and I'm happy to share it all with you very very very soon.

Thanks again for reading,


Hi everyone!
I'm Taylor Caspersen and I'm a blogger newb.

I've never been so good at the whole "blog" thing. But, alas, I'm going to give it yet another try. My goal is to write more than 1 post per week. I would say the main thing that has changed since my last blog is that I now have lots of stuff to talk about!

Let me tell you all this one fact - never since I started working on this album (4 years ago) have I ever felt this satisfied with this entire project. The 'nearing completion' phase is now changing to final mixing and mastering. I've just contacted a local print shop to order folded CD one page booklets for the limited edition copies. We're excited to get all these elements together for the grand unveiling.

I've just added the "Stick It Out (You'll Be Okay)" single to the new shop tab. Check it out!

That's all for now, chat with you all soon.

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