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Hi everyone!
I'm Taylor Caspersen and I'm a blogger newb.

I've never been so good at the whole "blog" thing. But, alas, I'm going to give it yet another try. My goal is to write more than 1 post per week. I would say the main thing that has changed since my last blog is that I now have lots of stuff to talk about!

Let me tell you all this one fact - never since I started working on this album (4 years ago) have I ever felt this satisfied with this entire project. The 'nearing completion' phase is now changing to final mixing and mastering. I've just contacted a local print shop to order folded CD one page booklets for the limited edition copies. We're excited to get all these elements together for the grand unveiling.

I've just added the "Stick It Out (You'll Be Okay)" single to the new shop tab. Check it out!

That's all for now, chat with you all soon.

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