Selling Music is Dead.. Here's Why Mine's Free

In the age of subscription based music platforms and monetized free music websites, the format we have come to know as the album is no longer what it used to be. But perhaps instead of looking at this era as the “death of the album” or fighting against an endless battle, let’s look at this as an opportunity to share music freely and openly with eachother. Starting today, you can get my second album “Situation Roomcompletely free… and come time for the release of album #3, it will also be free for downloading and so will every album after that.

You might be saying right now “there must be a catch!”, but I can assure you this is 100% catch-free. In the past, many people have told me “I don’t want it for free, I want you to have something in return.” and while it’s appreciated (but unnecessary), I can offer a few simple ways to pay it forward if you wish to do so: #1 Subscribe to my YouTube channel for weekly content. #2 Share this page of free music with your friends or people who you think may enjoy it. #3 Follow my Facebook and Instagram pages. #4 You can also send a buck or two my way to support the creation and further growth of my music and videomaking through

…and the best part? All these songs are still available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and more so you can still get this music while using those services, as well being available for purchase on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and many more… But why buy it when you could get it all for free?!

Thank you, and please enjoy, TC :)