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Monday magazine - interview

"Once in a while a young musician comes along who stands out from the pack. And I'm not referring to the way many artists believe they stand out, which is because their music is "honest" and "real." Of course it is. Everyone's music is honest and real to them. The stand-out factor I'm referring to is that intangible "it" factor you can't quite put your finger on, but you know it's there in so many aspects of what the artist does. 20 year old Taylor Caspersen has it. And you may ask "Who?" But you may not be asking that for long. Caspersen, multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter and producer, will release his debut full-length album July 8th, where he grew up - in Sooke - and I recently talked with him about his emerging career and the new album."

Written by Julian Reece Goddard. Published by Monday Magazine.

forbes and marshall - quote

“To say that Taylor has a passion for creating music is an understatement. He lives and breathes melody and its creation oozes from every pore. Ask him to pick up any instrument and we bet he can play it. Request he write a song and its words and tune flows freely from his heart. This young man is for real and people are starting to take notice” Forbes and Marshall


sooke news mirror - cd release article

"Young Sooke musician Taylor Caspersen has always loved to play music for his community, whether it was at the local schools, professional stage or the theatre, he’s done it all. And now, the 20-year old multi-instrumentalist and producer is releasing his debut album, After All These Years, self-produced at his home studio in Shirley, a project he’s worked on for the last five years..."

Written by Octavian Lacatusu. Published by the Sooke News Mirror.

Sooke pocket news - cd release article

"Twenty-year old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Taylor Caspersen will release his debut album After All These Years July 8 in Sooke, the town he grew up in. A prolific young composer, sometimes writing a song a day, Caspersen captures a sound beyond his years and even beyond his generation..."

Written by James Kasper.
Published by Britt Santowski at the Sooke Pocket News.